Twenty Steps to Writing a Research Article

If you are interested in writing a research article then this blog can be useful to you. basically, we do not follow basic format while writing which generally the reader does not prefer. So please follow the below-mentioned steps for better writing a research article.

Step 1: Determine the authors

Step 2: Start writing before the experiments are complete

Step 3: Decide it is time to publish

Step 4: Draft a title & abstract

Step 5: (Re)examine the list of authors

Step 6: Determine the basic format

  • Fill-length research articles
  • Short (on brief) Communications
  • Rapid Communications

Step 7: Select the Journal

  • Language
  • Focus
  • Indexing
  • Availability
  • Reputation
  • Format
  • Figures
  • Charges

Step 8: Stock the sections of your paper

Step 9: Construct the tables, figures, and legends

Step 10: Outline the paper

Step 11: Write the first draft

Step 12: Revise the manuscript

  • Make major alternations
  • Polish the style
  •  Format the document

Step 13: Check the references

Step 14: Write the final title and abstract

Step 15: Reread the journal’s Instructions to Authors

Step 16: Prepare the final Illustrations

Step 17: Get feedback on your manuscript and then revise your manuscript again

Step 18: Submit the manuscript to the editor

Step 19: Deal with reviewers’ comments

Step 20: Check the proofs

Thank You

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