If you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume that cybersecurity is one of your interests. This means that you are aware of the increase in the number of network breach incidents since the beginning of 2020. Today, no sector is safe from the threat of network attacks. Everyone is worried about making their internal security measures foolproof so they don’t end up becoming the next victim. Every IT professional, especially a network administrator, is expected to know about network security, and in scenarios like these, it becomes important to gain a few additional skills to stay relevant in the industry.

A network administrator is usually trained under CCNA or MCSE certification. These learning modules are two of the most reputed programs among IT professionals who want to become part of a niche job profile. If you are a professional with either of these certifications, then you are among some of the most skilled network admins around the world. But despite this, you may be struggling to keep pace with changing industry norms, overwhelmed as you are with work pressure and lack of time.

A network/IT Administrator should consider Certified Network Defender v2 to progress further in their career for the reasons listed below:

Why Choose Certified Network Defender v2?

  • IT and Network admins spend long work hours troubleshooting errors and keeping the network up and running at its full capacity. An experienced network admin would want to learn more and experiment with more tools and technologies. The vendor-neutral aspect of Certified Network Defender v2 allows you to work on different tools without any restrictions. Apart from this, the certification program also includes a variety of labs for on-the-job experience of countering network threats.
  • CND v2 allows you to select learning program according to your convenience. EC-Council, the creator of this certification program, offers multiple training options. You can select from the following training options:

Apart from the above-mentioned learning modules, you can also attend regular in-person classrooms under training partner and education partner flagships. These options are for students who have enough time to attend classrooms regularly and learn with their peers.

Certified Network Defender is perfect for network administrators because it allows them to retain their old skills for future job roles. The time, money, and resources spent on the certification programs will not be wasted. CND v2 enhances your skills gained with CCNA/MCSE certification and readies you to take on any challenge that hackers throw your way.

Network security jobs are in high demand. IT professionals — CCNA/MCSE certified or not — are entering this niche and learning whatever it takes to be a network defender. As a professional with prior experience in network administration, your chances of learning, progressing, and starting a career are high.


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