Cyber Security Awareness

From ransomware and phishing to identity fraud and data breaches, cyber security threats are frequent and need to be addressed. Moreover, with humans being the weakest link in information security, organizations need to foster a culture of data protection, one where employees readily understand what types of threats are common, and the impact they can have on the organization as a whole. This is where security awareness consulting plays a major role in helping to educate employees about potential risks, instill proper cybersecurity processes and train employees on what to do (and who to contact) in the event of a security threat.

Why is Cyber Security Awareness Important?

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Most people are at least semi-aware that identity theft and network hacks are possible, and are reasonably good at not intentionally downloading malicious code or clicking dubious links. It is also common for organizations to implement firewalls, comprehensive IT defense systems and IT policies and protocols to keep themselves safe from online threats. So how do smart organizations still get hacked?

Threat Of Cyber Engineering

It’s simple : Human error. Indeed, social engineering—the psychological manipulation of victims to cause them to unintentionally surrender private data, compromise their devices or provide network access to hackers—is the most common cause of cyber crime. Phishing is a prime example of this. By using phony emails or links to prompt employees to provide private employee data, hackers easily create access points to mine employee login credentials. Another common technique, malware, involves embedding malicious code in apps or software (and tempting employees to download them), instantaneously allowing hackers to gain access to corporate data and assets.

Mitigating Security Risks

As these types of security threats cannot be prevented or even detected by technology, the only effective solution to mitigate these attacks is to ensure that your users are aware of these types of threats in the first place. Moreover, because anyone with a network-connected computer or mobile device can be targeted, and because cybercriminals will stop at nothing to steal your data or blackmail your company, security awareness consulting is absolutely essential. Without an embedded culture of cyber security awareness and enforcement, all of those fancy and expensive firewalls and painstakingly planned policies aren’t going to do you much good.

Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Consulting

Cyber security awareness consulting can help your employees understand how they can be easily targeted by cyber crime, and the steps they can take in the event that they fall victim. This goes beyond simply being conscious of potential threats, but provides employees with the hands-on knowledge of how cyber crime works, what internal prevention policies are and why they exist, and what is expected of them moving forward. It also includes consulting on nearly every aspect of cyber security threat mitigation, including:

  • Social engineering techniques (malware, phishing, etc.)
  • Acceptable use of information
  • Secure data disposal techniques
  • Data encryption and password management
  • Data protection protocol
  • Firewall configuration and management
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Incident Response procedure

Prepared Infrastructure & Educated Staff

Worker prepared with having a cyber security system

This form of comprehensive, hands-on learning can help your staff become both more vigilant of potential threats, as well as equip them with the knowledge they need to prevent and mitigate major incidents. It can instill good cybersecurity hygiene—habits that will make it easier for them to avoid falling victim to security threats in the future—and facilitate an organizational culture built around threat prevention and mitigation. Employees will also learn what constitutes a security threat and how to report it, contributing to faster response time and consequently, lesser impact.

Many organizations are unsure as to where to begin when it comes to creating a security awareness program, often creating half-baked programs that do little to help their employees thrive. Still others resort to off-the-shelf training modules or massive open online courses (MOOCs) which rarely contribute anything of value. Your employees are your first and primary line of defense against online crime. It’s time you started acting like it.

Speak To A Cyber Security Consultant

Vaultes’ cyber security awareness consulting can take all the guesswork away, while equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from cyber crime. With our comprehensive program, your employees will learn how to identify, avoid and mitigate cyber security threats, as well as spot sophisticated phishing or social engineering that so often unknowingly serves as entry points for malicious code.

In the crowded field of cyber security consulting, Vaultes’s cyber security awareness consulting stands apart. Not only is the training content engaging, but our holistic approach will ensure that organization has the tools and awareness necessary to prevent even the most cunning forms of cyber crime. Contact us or call 202.868.8850 today and speak to a cyber security awareness consultant!

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