10 Reasons Why the CHFI Is Your Go-to for All Things Digital Forensics

1. Methodological Approach
CHFI presents a methodological approach to computer forensics, including searching and seizing digital evidence and acquisition, storage, analysis, and reporting of that evidence to serve as a valid piece of information during the investigation. A CHFI can use different methods to discover data from a computer system, cloud service, mobile phone, or other digital devices.

2. Comprehensive Online Learning
It is a comprehensive program that comprises 14 modules and 39 lab sessions. The program can be taken completely online with a duration of 40 hours, during which you will be trained on the computer forensics and investigation process. CHFI also helps you understand the law enforcement process and rules that guide you through the legal process of investigation.

3. Include Real-Time Forensic Investigation Scenarios
CHFI includes major real-time forensic investigation cases that were solved through computer forensics. The study enables students to acquire hands-on experience in different forensic investigation techniques that were adopted from real-life scenarios.

4. Pre-Requisite
The required skills for being a digital forensic investigator include knowledge of information technology and cybersecurity, but EC-Council does not restrict candidates with pre-requisites, specific qualifications, or experience to join the program.

5. ANSI Accreditation
EC-Council is one of the few organizations that specialize in information security (IS) to achieve ANSI 17024 accreditation. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization that ensures the integrity of the standards as defined by them.

6. Mapped to NICE
CHFI is 100% mapped to the “Protect and Defend” Workforce Framework of NICE (National Institute of Cybersecurity Education), which categorizes and describes cybersecurity job roles.

7. Updated Timely
The current CHFI program is version 9, and that means it is continually updated to adhere to evolving forensic tools and methodologies. CHFI is updated with case studies, labs, digital forensic tools, and devices.

8. Equipped with Detailed Labs
The program has detailed labs making up almost 40% of the total training time. CHFI also comes with cloud-based virtual labs that allow the candidate to practice investigation techniques that mirror real-life situations in a simulated environment.

9. White Papers and Students Kit
For additional reading, the program comes loaded with many white papers. The student kit also contains various forensic investigation templates for evidence collection, chain-of-custody, investigation reports, and more.

10. Report Writing and Presentation
CHFI has a module dedicated to writing a report and presentation that enhances your skills in presenting the authenticity of the evidence collected and analyzed, explaining its significance in solving the case.

Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
 is the leading training program for anyone aspiring to be a digital forensic investigator. If you are a cybersecurity enthusiast and know information technology, get trained today and grab the opportunity to be the leading one!

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