Key Job Roles of a Digital Forensic Investigator

  • Cyber Forensic Investigator
  • Forensic Analyst, Senior
  • Digital Forensics Analyst-Mid-Level
  • Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • Senior Consultant, Digital Forensics
  • Security Analyst (Blue Team) – Forensic investigation
  • Cybersecurity Forensics Consultant
  • Senior Associate-Forensic Services-Forensic Technology Solutions
  • Computer Forensic Technician
  • Digital Forensics Analyst
  • Senior Principle, Digital Forensics
  • Security Forensics Analyst (SOC)
  • Digital Forensics Analyst, Senior
  • Forensics Engineer

Skills Required to Become a Digital Forensic Investigator

Employers look for certified forensic investigators with key digital forensic skills, including: are as follows:

  • Defeating anti-forensic techniques
  • Understanding hard disks and file systems
  • Operating system forensics
  • Cloud forensic in a cloud environment
  • Investigating email crimes
  • Mobile device forensics

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