Month: February 2022

Ultimate Cyber Security Tips for Students

Throughout the previous sections, you have learned numerous tips on keeping your data and devices safe. In the infographic below, we have listed all the essential cyber security recommendations we have for students. With this ultimate collection, you won’t forget what you need for safety. Thank you for reading the article! We hope that these …

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What is Data Theft

Data theft is usually the end goal of every cybercrime. Criminals try to gain access to your information and use it for their benefit. But how do the attackers use your data? Let’s discuss it here! In this table, we’ve explained why hackers try to gain student’s information: Source:

What is Malware

Cybercriminals, or hackers, often develop software intended to steal or damage data and destroy computer systems. This is referred to as malware or “malicious software.” There are many ways it can spread to a device. Spam emails, fake messages on websites, and pop-up ads are notorious for carrying malware. Downloading any kind of software from the Internet …

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Why Cyber Security Is Important to Students

Cybercriminals target schools, colleges, and universities more and more often. The reason for this is simple. Typically, educational networks contain extensive personal information that isn’t well-protected. Their colossal size also makes it easier to infect other devices and steal more data. Students and institutions are notoriously famous for their lack of concern with cyber security. The …

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