What is Data Theft

Data theft is usually the end goal of every cybercrime. Criminals try to gain access to your information and use it for their benefit. But how do the attackers use your data? Let’s discuss it here!

In this table, we’ve explained why hackers try to gain student’s information:

How to Prevent Data Theft
You’ve already seen the most critical recommendations in this article. Yet, we should remind you of the need for quality antivirus software and system updates. In this section, we’ve identified where the threat can come from.
Tips on preventing data theft.
For a student, data breach threat can come from the following sources:
Free WiFi. Numerous college students study in public places while using public WiFi. Identity thieves can set up password catchers and corrupt such free connections. To avoid any theft from your devices, equip them with encryption and the latest software. 
Online purchases. When you buy something online, do not leave your account details. If the company gets hacked, your credit card file will be leaked too. 
Free apps, music, and games. When you download programs for free, remember that hackers can fill them with viruses. Only get your free apps and music from credible sources such as Apple Music or Play Market.
Phones & Social Media. When you live in a dorm, you should make sure your passwords are not easily guessed. Students who use their social media on university computers must remember to log out. 
Security questions. Put enough thought into choosing and replying to your answers. Do not simply go for the pet’s name and the place of birth. Instead, respond with something that does not make sense. For instance, for “What’s my favorite food?” the answer can be “coffee.” You will not forget it.
Weak passwords. Students sometimes use the same password for all their devices and accounts. That’s quite dangerous, so create different ones. Change them regularly and make them as strong as you can. The best passwords have small letters, capital letters, symbols, and numbers. 
Dubious celebrity websites. Often, hackers create websites about celebrities filled with viruses and spying software. Such attackers know what students are interested in. The best way to protect yourself is not to go there at all. Find your news on Twitter instead

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